Mar 22, 2021

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Legasys attempts to revolutionize the existing token scene by creating Ultra-Highspeed transactions at ZERO FEE.

A new blockchain with a full-fledged environment for developing high-performance CeFi cum DeFi application. It was built for cross-chain compatibility with Ethereum.

Legasys is EVM-compatible, it is launched with support for the rich universe of Ethereum tools and dApps. Its infancy, the promise of Legasys alongside EVM compatibility making it a powerful decentralized application.

Democratization of Finance via DeFi created a Trusted and transparent financial system, an open banking platform for developers to create an infrastructure for a Truly Digital Economy for the unbanked and the underbanked.

The problems Legasys Community solve in development and mass adaptation of DeFi technologies in High Fees, Low Transaction Speed, Darkness Fiat on/off Bridge, Bad Users Onboarding.

· High Fees Due to the high cost of gas on the Ethereum, smart contract transactions are very expensive for users

· Low Transaction Speed Due to network congestion with transactions, the confirmation rate of transactions drops to several tens of minutes

· Fiat on/off Bridge DeFi apps do not have direct access to fiat payment channels, which greatly complicates mass-market access to their products


LeUSD is a dollar-pegged stablecoin. LeUSD is tied to USD: 1 LeUSD = 1 USD

LeUSD attempts to offer the best of both worlds — the instant processing and security or privacy of payments of cryptocurrencies, and the volatility-free stable valuations of fiat currencies.

Anyone can exchange their digital assets to LeUSD. With LeUSD, our customers are able to lock their crypto asset value in USD when they:

· Estimate they have generated an upside on their crypto asset, and/or,

· Expect the market to go down.

The digital assets are locked and thereby forming the basis which the value of LeUSD is backed with.

Availability and Use:

· Participate in staking to mine out LeToken, with a minimum staking period of 90 days.

· Can be transferred to any external address or to another LegaPay Wallet App user at ZERO transaction fees.

· LeUSD is available for buy/sell crypto activities within the platform

· Top up into the Legasys MasterCard (coming soon)


The LeToken is a community utility token and unlocks the full potential of the Legasys ecosystem. LeToken token holders should be people who somehow interact with the ecosystem, committed to its future development, and want to participate in governance. This is how we aim to truly decentralize and harmonize community members of Legasys.

LegaPay (Launching Q4 2021)

An all-encompassing payment system to provide an all-rounded solution for every occasion. Features include:

· Cross-Chain Bridge Is a bridge for multiple blockchains and allows you to manage data from multiple blockchains and transport it using LegaChain

· Crypto-to-crypto exchange Service for instant exchange one crypto to another by the best market price

· Crypto wallets Secure non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for popular assets (BTC, ETH and 3000+ ERC20 tokens, Legasys)

· Crypto Checkout that helps online businesses accept cryptocurrencies and cards, as a payment method.

· MasterCard program Pre-paid card program with Mastercard, that let users instantly spent their cryptocurrency or withdraw it in ATM.

Coming Soon

- Lega Chain — Q1 2022

- Lega NFT — Q2 2022

- Lega DEX — Q4 2021

- Lega Analytics — Q4 2021

- Lega Lending — Q2 2023